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Drachten airport is a small regional airport which is currently used voor hobby flying and flight instruction. The airfield is in development to facilitate more to the region. Since this airport is located in Friesland but also in the center of the 3 provinces (Friesland, Drenthe and Groningen) along the A7 highway, makes this airport very interesting to move your living and business to this airport or have rent out your second home as investment.

We encourage innovations in aviation in the wides spectrum and easy connection to the local companies busy with synthetic fuels, Hydrogen and drone + VTOL vehicle operations.

Or the unique opportunity to live the American dream in the Netherlands. As aviator you have the opportunity for permanent living, working and recreate onto an airport and enjoy the benefit of being very close to the Dutch coastal islands. And since this airport is located in the center of Europe, it is also easy to fly with your aircraft to the UK, France, Germany, and Scandinavian countries.

The goal for this airport is to activate the use of runway 07 for GA aircraft. The opening times on daily basis. CTAF & AWOS frequency. Restaurant (air motel).

Friesland is known for its unique culture, unique traditions and activities;

  • Skating, biking, walking and steps and subs (11 city tour)Elfstedentocht.
  • Friesian horses
  • Inland Sailing (water-sports)
  • Boat builders from small tenders to mighty yachts
  • Biking

To do in the region; This airport is located 1.2nm east of the city center. The region is surrounded by waters. There are 2 big cities on 30 minutes driving, Forest for biking and walking.Andof course close to all Coastal Islands (Texel, Vlieland, Terschelling, Ameland andSchiermonnikoog. But also to the German Islands.

We are looking forward in meeting you onto the airfield and discuss opportunities. Use the mobile phone number for contacting or use the contact form below and we will get in touch with you soon.

If you want to rent a bike or hire a car along your stay please mention this in the contact form below.

Hotspot in the region

  • EHGG - Groningen Eelde International Airport is only 15nm E of our Airport, This airport has all facilities to come in with bad weather conditions.
  • EHAL - Ameland Island airport is just 25nm N/W of our airport.
  • EHTX - Texel InternationalAirport is just 45nm West of our Airport.
  • EDWR - Borkum Island Airport is only 35nm N/E of our airport.
  • EDWF - Leer/papenburg airport is 45nm E of our airport
  • EHAM - Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is only 70nm S/W of our airport.

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Robert Bennett


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Daniel Nicholson


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Hangar houses to be build


Established Companies




Great airport and nice surroundings, rented a bike and went to Paviljoen the Leyen to enjoy the great water view

A friend invited me to join him on a flight to this airport. we went to the center of Drachten to eat something and went shopping

I was there with a friend of mine he told me about hangar houses to contstruct on this airport, I can imagine living here and would love to see the first one build and get a tour

Upcoming Events 

In Weeks 10th & 11th 

Runway restorations 


At starting date 4th of march runway restoration work will begin, this means that you should check your notams very accurate. 

The restoration means removing of old markings & rubber on the runway and apply new markings. 

This means also after completion that runway 07 will be openend for GA aircraft. 

Check AIP & Notams above

Drachten Airport - EHDR

All day in those two weeks


FLY-In & Open Day 


The local residents will also be invited 

In order to let local residents in the region become acquainted with the activities at Drachten airport.

Off course you can get refreshments to make the event complete.

This event will be georganiseerd by FlightLevel & FAD. 

Drachten Airport - EHDR

The whole day 


Longest Day-light flying day  UDP time

All regional Dutch airports FLY-In. 

See airports listed below:

  • Drachten Airport - EHDR
  • Texel Airport - EHTX
  • Ameland Airport - EHAL
  • Lelystad Airport - EHLE 
  • Twente Airport - EHTW
  • Oostwold Airport - EHOW
  • Stadskanaal - EHST
  • Hoogeveen - EHHO 
  • Teuge Airport - EHTE
  • Hilversum Airport - EHHV
  • Middenmeer - EHMM
  • Budel Airport - EHBD
  • Breda/Seppe Airport - EHSE
  • Groningen-Eelde Airport - EHGG


Drachten Airport - EHDR

Starting 19:00 local time