Companies on the airfield

Please contact us if you like to establish your company on our airport.

Drachten airport is a small regional airport which is currently used voor hobby flying and flight instruction. The airfield is in development to facilitate more to the region.

Since this airport is located in Friesland but also in the center of the 3 provinces (Friesland, Drenthe and Groningen) alongthe A7 highway, makes this airport very interesting to move your living and business to this airport or have rent out your second home as investment.

We encourage innovations in aviation in the wides spectrum and easy connection to the local companies busy with synthetic fuels, Hydrogen and drone + VTOL vehicle operations. Or the unique opportunity to live the American dream in the Netherlands.

As aviator you have the opportunity for permanent living, working and recreate onto an airport and enjoy the benefit of being very close to the Dutch coastal islands. And since this airport is located in the center of Europe, it is also easy to fly with your aircraft to the UK, France, Germany, and Scandinaviancountries.


Winged-Dutchman Aero Service 


Vliegclub Fryslan

FlightLevel BV



Aircraft Builders Europe



Flight Association Drachten 

Friesland Aviation BV - Lieuwe Koonstra - Ready for take Off plan Zuid.