Vliegveld Drachten
Drachten Airport - EHDR

On this page you will find update and News about the airport. 

Currently the municipality airport is in the decision making process for development to facilitate more to the region and the flyers.

On the 10th of May 2022 the county made the decision that the airport should stay but on certain term attached to that. One of the terms is that the SVD (Stichting Vliegveld Drachten) should stand financially on its own and disconnect to the county financial support. The municipality stay's owner of the ground but the SVD is responsible for exploiting the airport and facilitate to the users. 

For the municipality to judge if the airport could exploit in a financial independence situation, the municipality decided to hire an quartermaster to inventory the potential who like to settle there business at the airport and Project development potential for hangar houses. 

At end of June 2023 a letter of intent is signed by all parties who are already settled and potentially want settle on the airport. September 2023 there will be a roundtable municipality meeting and in the 1e week of the month October is the intention for the municipal to make the final decision to give development a go. 

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Upcoming events: 

  • Friday 28th July - 6th august field closes for aviation usage  World Championship Model RC Air Racing. 
  • 8 & 9 august  photo/video shoot  
  • Saturday 8 september Fly4U - flying for children who are rewarded with well deserved extra attention. 
  • Project / plannen Vliegveld Drachten 
  • Eindverslag Vliegveld Drachten gemaakt door de Kwartiermaker